Reading Log of The Silver Chair 2

Chankyung Kim

February 25, 2021

Reading Log

Book: The Silver Chair

Writer: C.S Lewis

Chapter 2 Jill is Given a Task


1. What did Jill notice when she stopped crying?

When she stopped crying, she notices that she is very thirsty. Therefore, she stood up and search for the stream in which she heard the sound.

2. Why did Jill have to pluck up the courage to go find the stream?

The courage was not plucked up by herself, but it’s because she was so thirsty that the fear of Lion couldn’t stop her searching for the stream.

3. How did the Lion react to Jill’s appearing in the clearing?

The Lion stared at Jill for a few seconds but turned away as if it doesn’t matter. And when she was concern about drink or not, the Lion talk to her first and lead her to the stream.

4. What was the task given to Jill?

Aslan gave Jill the task that helping an old king of Narnia who is in great sorrow. Jill need to find the king’s taken a son and bring him back to his father so that the old king could see his son for the last time and inherit the king’s throne.

6. What were the Signs given by Aslan?

Jill has given four signs. Firstly, Eustace must greet his old friend then you two will get great help. Second, you must go north until you find the ancient giant’s ruined city. Third, you must find the words that are written on a stone and follow the written instructions. Lastly, recognize the prince with his word and he is the first person who asks you to do something with the name of Aslan for the first time.

7. Why did Aslan have Jill memorize the signs? What did he tell her to do to remember the signs?

Aslan led Jill to memorize the signs because when she gets there, he cannot remind her clearly as if they were in the clearing and the air on the top of the mountain is cleaner and fresher, but the air in Narnia is thicker and easy to forget. Therefore, Aslan tells her to remember the signs whenever she can think about it. (When you go to bed, when you wake up, and when you wake up during the night.)


I think the main point of chapter 2 is the changing feelings of Jill Pole. At the beginning of chapter 2, Jill was regretting coming to Narnia and started denying the reality of what has happened to her and Eustace. She cried, but when she finished her crying, she could search for the stream because she was thirsty. From that moment, we could recognize the feelings of regret and shocked already disappeared. And when Jill got the task and signs, her mind is already full of adventures. Finally, when Jill meets Eustace, she had already forgotten about apologizing for pushing him the precipice and had almost killed Eustace. Again, from this moment, we can think that Jill is a very simple and egocentric girl who only can think about herself. However, when Eustace first came to Narnia, he was also egoistic and self-centred. Therefore, the changes in Jill can be one of the points that we should focus on while reading this book.


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